St Luke’s Church West Norwood is a parish church in the Church of England. We are an enthusiastic church and our Sunday meetings have a contemporary feel, with modern music and open participation. Bible teaching is always a key ingredient of our meetings together, and we also provide children’s and youth programmes to run alongside those for adults. View our welcome leaflet here.

St Luke’s is blessed with a spectacular Grade II* listed building right at the heart of West Norwood, with a beautiful ‘front garden’ and on site car parking for church users. The church is usually open Monday to Friday between 9am and 3pm for anyone who wants to come in and have a look around or just sit quietly and pray.

If you are seeking for meaning in life we would love you to join us on our next Alpha Course, a no-holds-barred opportunity to ‘kick the tyres’ of the Christian faith, regard less of your own background and beliefs.

Are you suffering in anyway? Please come and meet with our Prayer Ministry Team after the service every Sunday morning. We will pray for you personally and ask Jesus to heal you.

Whenever possible, we love to host community events like The Big Lunch. If you’d like to discuss a community event with us, please contact us through the Parish Office.

9 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. my dearest friend KENNETH BAXTER was married in st lukes church in november 1968 to Josianne and had a happy marriage ,until Ken died in march of this year of cancer ,as their best friend I would like to bring Josie to st lukes to help her cope with the loss of her dear husband ,I should add that Ken and I were regular members to st lukes from 1947 ,I hope you can help me .with regards Roy Darroch


    1. Hi Roy and thanks for getting in touch. I have only just received your message! Please let me know what we could do to bring Josie to St Luke’s.
      Many thanks and best wishes
      Amanda Wright
      Parish Administrator


  2. Hello, my fiancée lives within the parish and we would like to enquirer about potentially having our wedding service in your church on the 17/4/17.

    Please could you let us know the procedure.

    Kind regards,

    Jerome Hughes


    1. Dear Jerome – I have only just seen your message! The 17 April is the day after Easter Monday. It is also a Tuesday and we host a Foodbank on Tuesdays and Fridays. The procedure would be to come along and meet with us about three months before the wedding but we understand that you would need to confirm a date well before then so please let me know if you have any in mind – 020 8761 0068 / stlukewestnorwood@gmail.com. Best wishes
      Amanda Wright
      Parish Administrator


  3. Is there any chance of St Luke’s doing a small church service on Prioress Road, Hainthorpe Estate during the lockdown? I’m sure those that can’t get to church or leave their homes would really appreciate it.


    1. Thanks for this Sandy. It’s a brilliant idea. We can’t do it right this minute as we’d be disobeying instructions about not going out but we will as soon as we can. Best wishes, Amanda (parish admin).


  4. Dear Saint Luke’s.
    I live in West Norwood and hear the bells ringing on the hour, very nice too! But I was wondering…is this an automatic chime, or is someone ringing them? Best wishes,


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