Baptism & Confirmation

We usually hold a Service of Baptism on Pentecost Sunday for older children and adults wishing to undergo the baptism that Jesus himself had. It is a ‘full-immersion’ baptism and all candidates must complete a preparation course. Sometimes parents want to baptise infants in this way. In which case we ask them to undertake the preparation course and they are usually baptised themselves at the same time as their infant.

We also undertake services of Thanksgiving, Naming & Dedication for babies and younger children in our Sunday morning services of worship, usually on the third Sunday of the month. If you are interested in this service please contact the parish office on 020 8761 0068 or at

Sometimes children or adults who have been baptised as infants choose to express their commitment to Christ and to the Church through confirmation. As with Baptism, candidates are required to complete a preparation course.

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